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Why does willow remain high
Release time:
2018-10-09 16:34
  Willow product is favored among customers as it utilizes green and natural raw materials for weaving. Its green, natural, trendy and environmental attributes comply with people’s pursuit towards hea
Advantages on development of willow in Linshu county
  Linshu county is by far one of the world’s largest production areas of osier and one of the main production areas for willow products. Willow is an advantageous export commodity in this city. Its pr
Liu woven handicraft will become a feature of linshu plants
  Given the demand of the domestic and international dialogue willow willow weaving technology and development trend and challenges after China's accession to the WTO, LinShu rhett wicker handicrafts
Straw weaving, willow weaving handicraft network sales
  With the convenience of shopping on the Internet, online sales of this traditional handicraft in linshu county have also been booming, with hundreds of online shops in liaoqingyun town alone.
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